Dirty Electro & Fidget mix!! :D


Nov 11, 2010
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Every few weeks on my podcasts I do Electro/Fidget mixes, just as a change from the normal Trance, so if thats your thing too, then follow this link>>> http://franetic.podomatic.com/entry/2010-11-24T12_26_30-08_00

1) Disco Heat - Simioli and Black Dance (Original Mix)
2) The Way - Alex Kidd (USA)(Original Mix)
3) String Thing - Danny Nightingale (Original Mix)
4) Exploration Of Space - Cosmic Gate (Spencer and Hill Remix)
5) Animal Rights - Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner (Original Mix)
6) Above the Rim - Sagan (Original Mix)
7) Still that there hope - David Menezes (Original Mix)
8) Ready to **** - Fast Foot (Original Mix)
9) R3000 - Indescreet (Hirshee Remix)
10) Parlez Vouz Francais - Art Vs Science (Lee Mortimer Mix)
11) Moving To The Beat - Liquid Vs Billy Daniel Bunter and Sparky Ft Kyla (Rocket Pimp Remix)
12) Face The Music - Minotaur Kill meets Slipmatt and Rocket Pimp (Slipmatt and Rocket Pimp Electro Remix)
13) SMD - SMD1 (Rocket Pimp and Jack James Remix)
14) Filthy Rehab - Yea! (Original Mix)
15) Gio Hungary - Woop It Up (Mr. Skeleton & B.have Remix)

For all my previous mixes of Trance go to PodOmatic | Podcast - FranetiC Sessions
there's a couple of other house/electro mixes on there for your audio pleasure too :choon: