DJ Abstraction July07 Promo - Synergy (Electro / Vocal Trance Mix)


Apr 23, 2007
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This mix took me far too long to get right, but luckily,
just in time for my monthly promo mix. Packed full to the
brim with female vocals and overflowing with energetic
uplifting beats. I hunted high and low for the right
combination of tracks for this mix, starting with a more
Electro feel and slowly working toward Trance, and of
course, mixed and recorded live as usual.

Synergy is dedicated to those who have lost their way at
least once in their life, hense the CD artwork of me
mixing in the forest. Listen and enjoy, all feedback is
welcome and greatly appreciated ;-)


1. Rush Hour - SJB Feat. Jane Wiedlin (Fonzerellia Hot And Sexy Remix)
2. Out Of My Mind - Sarah Atereth (Mike Rizzo Global Mixshow)
3. Safeguard - Kenzie Cobain Feat. Clare Canty (Airmech Mix)
4. Gelyte - Barry Dempsey (Johan Chatkowski Mix)
5. Out Of My Mind - Force Majeure (Blake Jarrell And Jeff Devas Vocal Mix)
6. Who Will Find Me - DJ Shah Feat. Adrina Thorpe
7. Inner Sense - The Disco Brothers Feat. Andrea Britton (Starecase Remix)
8. By My Side - Summer Sessions Feat. Tiff Lacey (Signalrunners Club Mix)
9. Black Is The Colour - Cara Dillon vs 2Devine (2Devine's Bootleg Mix)
10. Angel - De Donatis And Ciacomix (De Donatis Vocal Mix)

Total length: 1.08


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