DJ Bizzel's Break Beat Mix set


Aug 1, 2006
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Whats Up after hours, this is DJ Bizzel here. Was refered by a friend to this site weeks ago. Finally got out here to check it out. Looks pretty cool anywayz, I have a mix done and wanted to get some feedback on it if at all possible... I am also looking for some air time too. If any one can help me out with this that would be awsome!

Aite, a little info about me..

Well, I live out in Seattle washington, I have been DJ'ing for a 1 year. I have done 3 events and got paid for them. I also produce music as well.. If you would like to check out some of my tunes I have created go to You can also get to the site which you can download them from.. If you would like to DJ anything I have let me know.

Anywayz, I like all types of electronica! To me they all sound good however I like to mix DnB and Break beatz the most.. I have also had to do gigs were I mixed 70's funk, 80's rock, some modern electornica, hip hop, and even country! can't stand country..

So thats a little bit of info behind me. As far as DJ'ing goes I have 2 gigs lined up for me so far. Possibly once a month as well. However it would be an honor and privledge to be able to Mix out here on this site for all of you..

Ok enough talking here the link to my most recent mix set..

it's about 17 minutes long, but it is pure mixing and beat matching as well as it is all LIVE!!! No pre mixed BS... You can even hear a few spots were I messed up but the mix is awsome.. Let me know what you all think..

Once again, Thank you for letting me post out here, and I hope to hear from you all in the future!

-DJ Bizzel