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DJ Kelso - Technological (techno/minimal/house)


Jun 7, 2006
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http://239playasclub.com/?q=node/72 <--- Download Link at bottom of tracklist

This is a new experimental set. After going to a local bar last night that generally plays good house music, they were actually playing alot of techno/minimal last night and I really enjoyed what I was hearing. So today I bought some new tunes to experiment with and the outcome is pretty damn good :) This was my very first run through on the tracks i just bought and havent heard yet.

Guy J - Avant-Garde
Workidz - Work it
NuBreed - NuFunk (Deadmau5 Remix)
Mobbing - Open Legs
Audion - Noiser
Shlomi Aber - Freakside
D. Ramirez - Pleasure Me
Chris Liebing - D
Randy Katana, Nick Larson - FDV (Randy's Edit)
Dubfire - Roadkill
Agent Greg, Audiopunch - Symphony of Love
Mark Knight, D Ramirez - Throb
16 Bit Lolitas - Goodbye Pluto (version 2)
Marcelo Castello - We Are the Dance