Dj OptimuS - The Immaculate Selection 022 on AH.FM 21-08-2018

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Track #01 :: Liam Wilson - Return To Reality (Extended Mix)
Track #02 :: Digital Rush feat. Natune - I Feel Your Love (Extended Mix)
Track #03 :: Chris Schweizer feat. Roxanne Emery - Under The Light (Extended Mix)
Track #04 :: Sheridan Grout feat. Diana Leah - Broken To Pieces (Sam Laxton Remix)
Track #05 :: Amos & Riot Night feat. Susie Ledge — Reunited (Extended Mix)
Track #06 :: Sunlight Project feat. Danny Claire – Somewhere (Etasonic Remix)
Track #07 :: Alessandra Roncone feat. Katherine Amy - The Truth That You Know (Original Mix)
Track #08 :: DT8 Project feat. Andrea Britton - Winter (Solis & Sean Truby vs. Ultimate Remix)
Track #09 :: Beat Service feat. Ana Criado - An Autumn Tale (Kaimo K Remix)
Track #10 :: Aeris feat. Jo Cartwright - In The Face of Adversity (ReLocate Vs. Robert Nickson Remix)


:: Beat Service & Ana Criado - An Autumn Tale | Beat Service Audio ::

Leaves were flying all around
The day that you came into town
When you called, at my door
The wind was howling loud and clear
But the world around us disappeared :lovers:
And time, stood still :love:

I thought we had forever
I thought we were
But it was only an autumn tale
It was only an autumn kiss
The world was so full of bliss
For a moment I felt I was your one
But it was only an autumn tale :(

It was only an autumn tale
It was only an autumn tale

But it was only an autumn tale ... :cry:

:dancing: never get bored of this one :wub: :super: :choon: :replay:

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danmark_ori, Gab
Glad that you enjoy my set, hope to see you again tomorrow at my new vocal trance selection :D