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DJ Ressiv - GL Essentials 01


Jun 1, 2009
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Download: http://ressiv.is-music.net/mixtape/gl-essentials-01/download.mp3

I've been doing this show now way over a year so I thought it would be fun to start doing a 'best of' series. Most of the tracks you hear in this set we're re-edited by me to make 'em shorter so the mix would be nice and tight without any boring parts (don't worry I did it with a good taste). Mix is from start to finish more or less on the techier side of uplifting trance. Enjoy, and leave a word or two if u liked it.. or not. :banana:


01. O'Callaghan & Downey - One Way Ticket 02. John Askew - Giving You Acid (Sly One vs Jurrane Remix) 03. Liam Wilson - Reon (Nick Sentience Remix) 04. PTX & Waio - Samplay 05. Massive Attack - Teardrop (John Dopping Rahmix) 06. K90 - Dreamer (Gary Maguire Remix) 07. Activa - Remember (Club Mix) 08. Sly One vs Jurrane - Everything To Me 09. Tom Colontonio - Illuminate 10. Oliver Brooks - Apart (Thomas Datt Remix) 11. Nick Sentience Feat. Nick Rowland - Meridian 12. Greg Downey - Knight Moves 13. Liam Melly - Come On 14. Light Horizon - Fading (Michael Lee Remix) 15. Greg Downey - Stadium

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