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DJ Ressiv - R-TYPE 1 (Summer '10 Promo Mix)


Jun 1, 2009
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2-hour promotional mix I played to showcase my style and taste towards trance music. No vocals, no progressive, no trendy shit, just plain and pure, raw uplifting and techier trance with sweet electrifying drive, beautiful melodies and that 'hands in the air' effect. Lot's of my current favorites in it and those who have been listening to my 'Get Lifted' show will recognize a lot of these tracks.

This is just absolute bang-bang from start to finish - AS IT SHOULD BE, enjoy :music:

Hennie Bekker - Freefall (Robbie Bronnimann 'DBA' Mix)
Matt Everson - Down Under (Original Mix)
Ehren Stowers - Replicator (Sean Truby Remix)
Epic Sun - Celestial (Steve Allen & Ben Alonzi Remix)
Mindstream - Legacy (Para X Remix)
Andy Tau - Hidden Message (Icone Remix)
Kamil Polner - Earth Protector (Van Gelder Remix)
Greg Downey - Grudge Match (GD vs. JOC Mix)
Solar Movement - Liana (Original Mix)
Jordan Suckley - Patience (Dub Mix)
Avenger - Climax (Bissen Remix)
Spark7 - Vanquish (Solace & Solitude Remix)
Fast Distance & Static Blue - Fictive Sequence
Sean Bayer - Yearning (Original Mix)
Gerry Cueto - Blue (Dark Territory Remix)
Activa vs. Chris & Matt Kidd - U.R. (Original Mix)
Accendo - Arcturus
Last Man Standing - White Elephant

Listen and download @ SoundCloud