Dj Roo0 Presents TRance Nation Episode 1

Dj Ron_e

May 4, 2006
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Trance Nation episode 1 can ne heard 3 times this week. Monday at 8 Wednesday at 8 and Friday at 9. All Times are in Pm. Im looking forward to your comments. A Playlist will be composed and available by the weekend enjoy.

Nice job Roo), listened to it and its awesome, kepp up the good work.

I really liked the set! it was very interesting, no anthems or anything like that. Things chugged along quite nicely.

You beatmatching i would give 5 out of 5. After a year of spinning, you are getting up there my friend. Great job, you would embarase a lot of DJs in Calgary for sure.

Track selection was very interesting. Nothing really groundbreaking; but no songs were bad, all were trance jems. I just had a little problem with logical progression in the set, it was kinda all over the place. But good nevertheless. Solid 4 out of 5.

Transitions were descent. Short but pretty sweet. Its always better to make a quick transition than a bad one. No doubt. I would like to hear your mixing technique though, i think i could help you make it better. So for transition i would give you 3.5 out of 5. They were not as good as they could have been. And i think you know it too.

But overall we are all pretty impressed. I have played with a lot of people and listened to a lot of DJs. All i can tell you is that you get better with time and i was very suprised to hear that you have been spinning only for a year. One year is a short time in the grand scale of thiings, and with time you will only get better.

Also listen to your own mixes and remember what you were doing during the mix, if you dont like what you hear, mix it till your ears bleed but polish it to the max. Remeber, it took the likes of AVB, Tiesto and PVD years and years to perfect their craft, some have been playing for 15 years (like Paul Van Dyk), so invest the time and energy, nothing ever goes to waste.

Keep them coming,

Where can I listen to it?
It will replay tomorrow I believe its on the main page under events, just under radio info...

Yeah I managed to get a listen to it tonight - DJ Roo... I LOVE IT!

Awesome! Really really good!

That mix into (I think its called) "Close Your Eyes" - I totally felt that. Excellant stuff... mix more!!!