Dj Sacha says hello !

Dj Sacha

Dec 25, 2006
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Hello, I'd love to play on live sets on your radio.
I'm from Poland and I play Trance under nickname DJ Sacha.
Please review one of my sets. Looking forward to hear your opinions :)
And all the best for New Year 2007!

here is my Home page
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Nice playlists..
I mean. There is no playlist at all ;)
Whats up with the OGG's? mp3 is where its at :P
I would like to see some playlist before i download it :) If you put on some, ill feedback you :)
This set's is live. when i put tracklist is not corectly whit set!
But Lessen important is music not List of Soong ;)
This set's is live. when i put tracklist is not corectly whit set!
But Lessen important is music not List of Soong ;)

Well yeah, maybe you are right. It would be necesary with an audition promo though..
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I have downloaded and listened to 02.01.2007 and its only 128 kb/sec :(

Next to that..You own man!

What a set i barely hear sets like that! I know many tracks, but right now i am even more excited for the tracklist :)

I'm heading to download one of your other sets. Dont give up! some of those sets has to be played here :love:

Edit: Where did you play that 2 hour set? I like the uplifting tempo, and i bet everyone who was there too.
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Hello, shamandgg here :)
Sacha's possibly one of teh best friends since childhood (I hope :P), and his great supporter.

He usually plays music right at his place (home) and streams is for other friends through internet. Usually he played on DigitalVibes radio. Sometimes in this or that club in or around Poznan city, but I'm not really tracking that.
I'm fan of good trance, but I really like his house mixes too. Hope you guys will appreciate his passion to play music. He's doing it because he loves it. I recall he experimenting with music way back to oldschool times when we were in elemenatary school. I didn't really get what he was doing. I convinced him to put all that effort and steam to start playing publicly not only at home or some closed parties but actually start to stream for the masses. There are really good previous live sets lying on his website, so I recommend checking them out. And sorry for his English. He never was good at school and real bad at foreign languages. He uderstand like a half of what you are saying and these are his first moments when he tries to reply with his simple English skills. So just try to read phonetically what he types in and try to make a good interpretation :) Oh and have fun! I'm sure you'll do. I hope I'll hear him on AfterHours.FM soon. Cuz I'm no longer living next to his place and can't really be there and listen to live sets at his own place.

If there are any problems getting to Sacha, I'll translate as long im around. Just leave me PM or email. Or tell Sacha to bring me here. I'm helping him out whenever I can.

cheers & regards,
Hey Shamandgg Respect for you thx for help: and officially I invite you

EST (US & Canada): 10-11
GMT (U.K):15-16
CET (Europe): 16-17

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Only 1 hour shows.... It should be great anyway! :)