Dj U like best at AH.FM

Do not know who is the best but for sure best set i've heard is CONFIG'S crossing borderlines 26!!!!! :super:
Marcus Schossow, Marcel Woods, Sean Tyas, DJ 2Frey, Lange, AndyAce, Victoria, DJ Superior, Heatbeat, Vitor Moya, Supermassive, and Config :grinning:
Manuel Le Saux pulls off some really good mixes. Regularly tune into his, tyas & akessons show if i'm around at the time.
Well to mention someone else, Sebastian Brandt is pretty nice too ;) long as this thread is closed, I'll post some favourite DJ's and shows here:wub::love:,randomly :book: :
DJ Revox - Trancenexus
Paul Gibson - Fallout
Karybde & Scylla - Pure Trance Pleasure
Aris Grammenos - Sound of Emotions
UzeYroS - Theory of Uplifting
Joe Shadows - Nile Sessions
Unearthed Records presents Warning Contains Trance
Angel Ace Pres Innertrance
Ruben de Ronde - The Sound of Holland
Lazarus - Back From The Dead
Sean Tyas - Tytanium Sessions
Veselin Tasev - Digital Trance World
Ted Rivera - Trance Sessions After Dark
Walsh & McAuley - Obsession
Faruk Sabanci - Cold Harmonies
Phil Metcalfe - Reactive Senses
Alex van ReeVe - Xanthe Sessions
Ronny K. - trance4nations
Dave Nadz - Moments of Trance
Deepress & TyPhone - Soulborn Waves
Amitacek - Underground Trance Connection
Spain Trance Connection - The Radioshow
Arisa Audio presents Harmonic Breeze Radio
Pobsky & Paul Atkinson Presents - The Sonic Select (...)
DeepImpact - United Beats of Underground
Blue Soho Sessions
Sneijder Pres. Distant World
Darren McNally - Wishbox
Nifra - Be Progressed
Raneem - Beirut on Fire
....but I listen to almost all the shows on AH when I have time:megacrazy::super:

MOORe to COME :wow::choon:

I am also Dj/producer originaly from france. Few days ago I found a brilliant initiative for the djs producers pro.. it called "Radio Soloud" - this is an online Radio where many aprreciated producers and djs cooperating for sharing Nu ideas and Nu beats and they keep each other updated with innovative productions and releases in any genre (also trance). I couldnt find their official website but only the small group on FB (small but too brilliant). also I could see that they havcin big hype under the soundcloud community..this must be very undergroundy ..but since I found this I am happier...oooaah here is the link: Radio SoLoud | Facebook
from this link you can link yourself to their group on soundcloud where they communicating (if you in business you will looov it !! :iagree::music::iagree: )

**please friends, if you find this intresting your tnx-support is important
Tom Colontonio,Sean Tyas,Manuel Le saux,The Thrillseekers,Mr.Pit and more :)