DJIntel - Afterhours Promo


Jun 18, 2006
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Hello everyone, i'm DJIntel, some of you might recognize the name due to doing a Gabriel and Dresden Tribute with Dreamension. Here I have for you an hour promo mix exclusively for AH, tune in 2-3pm EST, hope you enjoy.


01.Annie Lennox - The Saddest Song (Kuffdamn & Plant Remix)
02.Dogzilla - Without You (Dogzilla Dub)
03.Coca and Villa - La Noche (Full Guitar Mix)
04.Above & Beyond - Can't Sleep (ATB Remix)
05.Heaven's Cry - Till Tears Do Us Part (DJ Michael Trenfield vs. DJ Alucard's Remix)
06.Recluse - Emotional Void (Pesh Mix)
07.DJ Tatana feat. Joanna - If I Could (Ronski Speed Remix)
08.Candee Jay - If I Were You (Pronti & Kalmani Full Vocal Mix)
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woot in 12 min :)

dj intel

enjoy everyone
wow gr8 tunes so far few 'classics' which are gr8 now la noche one of my fav tunes :O \o/
DJIntel said:
glad someone is commenting

sorry i would do that earlier but i was talking with my mom and btw she likes it too hehe :P and this is a :choon:, so far so good im really pleased by this set...

Can't sleeeeeeeeeeiiiiiieeeeeeeiiiiieeeepppppp lol
:) Can't Sleep... all thos Mixes makes this track one of the best Vocaltrancers! :)
Just tuned. Can't sleep =P (Seems like this is going to get over-remixed soon)
yeah i know u have could u send it to me lololol :S hehe btw LMK did u heard that XDR mashup on my show ? and did u hear my show ?:P
I haven't got a chance to catch the replay =[, I've been busy all weekend. Can you possibly send me the mix, I really want to hear it!
i dont have that mix on a link etc but i will ask dan if he can replay it after ur set ok ?
loving it DJIntel :) i did comment in IRC but then i noticed you'd left hehe
Emotional Void, haven't heard this song for a while. Gotta love it =]