DJM-400 - Flashing light on effects panel

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May 27, 2008
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Just wondering if anyone can shed any light on this. I can't seem to find anything about it in the manual.

When I select a special effect and the beat / bank light button starts flashing (which as I understand it is flashing because it was the last setting that was used), sometimes two lights will be flashing at the same time until i select the beat. Anyone know why it is doing this?

i can only speak from my djm 600 - depending on where the flashing light is, it may mean that it's currently not detecting the bpm, but rather uses the last detected bpm. solution to this would be to select the correct channel for the fx (usually master - provided there is any beat going on at the moment, won't be able to detect any bpm during a break). another possibility is that it relates the selected duration (such as the length of the flanger interval) to the currently detected bpm and will display the duration as beats - that is, the light of the 1/1 button will light up if the duration matches more or less exactly one bar. if the duration isn't close to any of the button intervals, two buttons will light up - the duration is between those two intervals. hope that makes any sense :p and btw, i'm just guessing here really.
Hi thanks for the quick reply!

I think the latter one is the most plausible because i just tried disabling the auto bpm detection and tried tapping it in and as soon as I did the second tap the the 1/1 button became spolidly lit.

Many thanks.
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