Does Anybody Like Hardstyle?


Jun 27, 2006
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Cuz i do, and feel better when i mix that

does anybody like it

i would like to make a hardstyle set for AH
To be honest... I can't really say I've heard it.

I used to be into hardcore (back when hardcore was hardcore). That's how I started in electronic music. Prior to that I was a grunge dude. LOL.

Now I spin the trance that makes the world dance. :p LOL <- I just made that up then.
not really into that harder style... Im more into the soft vocal trance :p but i do play a hard trance song now and then... there are some good producers from the harder side aswell, yoji and dj neo make some good productions...(altho thats more hardstyle then hard trance) but the new hard trance single from titus is really awesome!!
if u want to appreciate hardstyle, pm me your msn lol
Nah bro, Hardstyle isn't my style for Electronica. Sorry, :(.
o well, good thing i know how to mix trance..phew!