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DR011 David Murtagh - Dryve *OUT NOW*

Cliffy Burrows

May 26, 2006
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Digitized's 11th release see's a monster of a track by Prehab's David Murtagh. Well established in the business David has deleiverd a Trance assault on the senses called 'Dryve'. As it's title suggests, it's dirving bassline is sure to destroy any dancefloor.

The package also see's a progressive techy beast from duo Corbossy, a no holds barred tech trancer from Defcon hero Jamie Walker and a huge uplifter from Sandeagle.

There is a mix here for everyone. So have a listen, download and support. This is going to be a big one.

The release has had some massive support including the Corbossy Remix winning track of the week on ReOrder's 'In Trance I Believe' radio show.

Support includes:

Aaron Covarrubias, Alex Brjus, Ally Brown, Andy Mac, Anna Lee, Arctic Moon, Bobina, Carl Briggs, Christopher Lawrence, Cliffy Burrows, Dave Deen, DFX, DJ Code Y, El Jay, G Balasa, Ian Betts, Joe Shadows, Jonas Hornblad, Joni Ljungqvist, Jordan Suckley, Karybde And Scylla, Laura May, Lazarus, Lee Canning, Macker MD, Magdelayna, Manuel Le Saux, Marcos, Mark Winstanley, Mat Lock, Matamar DJ's, Matt Trigle, Ozzy XPM, Paul Pearson, Phil Metcalfe, Philippe El Sisi, Poshout, Rasmorus, ReOrder, Rob Corbo, Robert Vadney, Sandeagle, Scot Project, Simon Bostock, Sophie Sugar, Space Garden, Suzy Solar, Toma, Toni Lankinen and Vicky Wood.

Beatport exclusive - NOW (link below)


Worldwide release - 07/10/2010

You Tube links:

Original Mix:


Corbossy Remix:

YouTube - David Murtagh - Dryve (Corbossy Remix)

Jamie Walker 'In Your Face' Remix:

YouTube - David Murtagh - Dryve (Jamie Walker 'In Your Face' Remix)

Sandeagle Remix:

YouTube - David Murtagh - Dryve (Sandeagle Remix)