DR014 Corbossy - Valverde *OUT NOW*

Cliffy Burrows

May 26, 2006
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DR014 Corbossy - Valverde

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Worldwide Release - 15th June 2011

The latest release from Digitized finally sees an original track from label favourites 'Corbossy'. The track is called 'Valverde' and they are also remixes from 'Touchstone', 'Dean Thomas' and 'Rob Corbo pres. Xylo'.

The original mix is what you would expect from Corbossy. With their now signature sound, it's a progressive and techy monster. Building all the time into the drop which is just sublime. Can definitely see this been a major track on the dance floor.

Touchstone has stamped his uplifting sound onto the track. After his massive remix on 'Ruthless' he has again pulled no punches and created a version which is perfect for peak time trance sets. A driving bass, tantalizing break down and back into a stomping drop.

Label debutant Dean Thomas has done a more epic sounding remix. Again perfect for peak time sets but with a more of a 'hands in the air' feel to it. A crisp bassline and beautiful melodies. A cracking way to start out on the label. Definitely a name to look out for in the future.

To finish the package we have a remix from one half of Corbossy, Rob Corbo under his Xylo guise. Rob has provided a huge Progressive/Electro remix. With a huge synth riff the track still keeps its shape with a luscious breakdown before jumping back into the riff. Definite floor stomper.

The support for the track has been huge with notable support from Andy Moor (Featured on his Moor Music 50th Special), Giuseppe Ottaviani (Featured on A State Of Sundays & GO Air), Artento Divini (Featured on his FOMB show and his FOMB Special) and Sophie Sugar (Featured on Symphony).

There has also been support from the following DJ's on various shows and gigs etc:

Aaron Covarrubias, Adam Nickey, Ally Brown, Andi Durrant, Andrea Mazza, Andy Mac, Andy Moor, Artento Divini, B.E.N., Che Armstrong, Cliffy Burrows, Daniel Slipper, Dave Deen, Dave Horne, David Murtagh, DFX, DJ Kaenow, El Jay, Filth and Splendour, Flash Brothers, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Gordon Coutts, Haris C, Joe Shadows, John Gibbons, John Wright, Karybde And Scylla, Kumara van der Gaast, Laura May, Lazarus, Les Hemstock, Louk Hashemi, M.I.K.E. (Push), Magdelayna, Magikal, Manuel Le Saux, Mark Pledger, Mark Winstanley, Markus Schulz, Marten Dejong, Mat Lock, Matamar DJ's, Neil Bamford, Nitrous Oxide, Ozzy XPM, Paul Pearson, Phil Metcalfe, Rasmorus, ReOrder, Robert Vadney, Ronny K, Simon Bostock, Sophie Sugar, Space Garden, Suzy Solar, Toni Lankinen, tyDi, Victoria plus many more.

You Tube Links:

Original Mix:

YouTube - ‪Corbossy - Valverde (Original Mix)‬‏

Touchstone Remix:

YouTube - ‪Corbossy - Valverde (Touchstone Remix)‬‏

Dean Thomas Remix:

YouTube - ‪Corbossy - Valverde (Dean Thomas Remix)‬‏

Rob Corbo pres. Xylo Remix:

YouTube - ‪Corbossy - Valverde (Rob Corbo pres. Xylo Remix)‬‏