DR052 Photographer - This Is Upstep OUT NOW

Cliffy Burrows

May 26, 2006
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DR052 Photographer - This Is Upstep

Original Mix
Touchstone Remix
Estigma Remix
Alan Ruddick Remix

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Worldwide release - 30th September 2013

Photographer returns to the Digitized camp with the massive original 'This Is Upstep'. Everyone knows just how good these guys are at the minute and this track is no exception. Definite dancefloor destroyer.

They are 3 remixes in the package each with a completely different take. Touchstone has made a monster banger of a remix taking it very techy. Estigma has took the track to a more uplifting side but laden with some huge acids. Alan to finish the package of has gone with a Psy Trance remix which sounds incredible.

The release has seen massive support from Armin Van Buuren (played 2 weeks in a row on ASOT), Alex M.O.R.P.H., Indecent Noise, Mark Sherry, Lisa Lashes, Sean Tyas, Will Atkinson, James Dymond, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Simon Bostock, Lazarus, Ally Brown, Jon Martin, Ascania, Tangle, Macker MD, Davey Asprey, William Daniel, Dave Gurnhill, Si Whelan, Matamar DJ's, Vicky Wood, Alan Ruddick, Zirens, Natalie Parker, Rob Van Arden, Chris Cockerill, Dave Cold, A & Z, Lost Witness, Gav Pilling, Paul Holden, Gareth Weston, Vlind, Karybde And Scylla, Akeni Ozzy XPM, Ian Betts, Touchstone, Function C, Neil Bamford, Estigma), Kaeno, New World, Physical Phase, Ian Standerwick, Hughes & Ballantine, Marten Dejong, Mitchell Claxton, Suprano, Bluehawk, Matt Bowdidge, Chaim Mankoff, Ollie Jaye, The Technicians, Dave Gormas, Louk Hashemi, Suzy Solar, North Pole, Dave Horne, Jonas Hornblad, Photographer, Mike Shiver, Filip Marak, Glynn Alan, Barry Duffy, El Haag Martin, Lee Thompson, Mike Rodas, Bryan Summerville, Dean Thomas, Rya, Talla 2XLC, Odonbat, Paul Todd, James Alexander, El Jay, Akira Kayosa, Laura May, Aizen, Harvey Whiteley, Manuel Le Saux, Tom Yelland, David McRae, Robert Vadney, Zutt Muziker, Thomas Datt, Curtis & Craig, Paul Trainer, Nick the kid, M.I.K.E. (Push), Andy Mac, Justin Grimes, Space Garden, Above The Clouds, Daniel Skyver, Richie Alexander, Magdelayna, Phil Taylor, tranzLift, Mark Winstanley, Allen & Envy, Amitacek, Dave Deen, Paul Pearson, Marko Ruusuvirta, Katy Rutkovski and Mr Carefull.

We hope you enjoy this release and can give it the support it deserves.

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FREE TRACK ALERT!!! Anyone who buys any mix of 'This Is Upstep' can claim a free copy of Photographer vs. Oasis - This Is Wonderwall (Chris Cockerill Edit). To claim your copy simply PM a screen shot of your proof of purchase to the label Facebook page on the link below: