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May 6, 2006
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Last week I was at the Gold Coast for a geek conference called TechEd. For those that don't know...TechEd is a Microsoft event that runs for 3 days, and showcases all their latest and upcoming technologies.

On the Friday morning I go to a session called "Windows Vista: Top 10 Reasons To Deploy Now." I walk in...and I hear Avril Lavigne's - Im With You. I then hear it mix into Andain - Beautiful Things. I think "Hey...I've mixed those 2 tracks before just like that aswell."

Then the first slide comes up. My jaw dropped and I ROFLBBQED. I quickly whipped out my phone and took this photo.

Look at the bottom right corner of the slide.


And yep...after the session I went up and had a quick 5min chat to Kyle. Turns out...he's a fan :loveah:
Awesome :)

but are they actually allowed to do that just like that? :P
Hahaha!.. It's a good promotion for you dreamension :P. Usually this isn't legal with any persmission anyway in this case, whatever.. :)
Sweet...!! Bit like winning the lottery and no one telling you..!?
Lol, nice Dreamension, your are becoming famous lol
way to go DreamensioN!