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Energetic MF Doom Type Sample Beat


May 29, 2011
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New sample beat called "The Dopeness" that has a sort of upbeat, energetic feel; reminds me of something MF Doom would do with the way I chopped it up

SoundClick artist: AfterTouchBeatz - page with MP3 music downloads
(5th beat on the page - - the one with the MF Doom picture)

Don't flip too many samples, I usually just do loops or pretty basic chops so this is definitely a little more intricate than what I usually do. What do you think of it?

(also, let me know if you don't think this is MF Doom style; someone told me this is more 9th wonder style so if you don't leave any other feed at least just tell me what "type" of beat you think this is - - it'll help me in promoting it!)