Enhanced Sessions Vol. One "September Offer" [Enhanced]


Sep 12, 2008
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Yes, the much awaited double mix compilation from Temple One and Estiva is almost here! Behind every great label lies great artists, and for the last 4 years that's something that Enhanced have had in positive cornucopia of.

Having been responsible for a succession of major-league releases, both Temple One and Estiva are two of the very brightest stars in the label's galaxy. Now Enhanced Recordings are bringing this eminently talented twosome together, in the mix, for the first time. The occasion: the debut volume of their new series, 'Enhanced Sessions'!

'Enhanced Sessions Volume One' features many an exclusive track from both of the artists, alongside the cream of the forthcoming Enhanced crop, including Ferry Tayle & Static Blue's massive 'L'Acrobat' and Eide & Andrez 'Forget Me'. Also front-and-centre on their tracklists are Sequentia vs. Maarten van Bergen's rapacious 'Echoes of Sound', 'Things That Happen' by Will Holland and 'November Lovely', Temple One & Estiva's debut collaboration. Add to this some immense releases and forthcoming productions from the likes of Arnej, Tritonal, Breakfast and Jochen Miller and you've got a compilation compelling enough to bend light and catchy enough to make your teeth itch!

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CD One - Estiva
1. Invisible Sounds - Everywhere Outside (Intro Mix)
2. Evave - To The Stars (PROFF Remix)
3. Rozza - London To Bangkok (Estiva Remix)
4. Arnej & Josie - Strangers We've Become (Blake Jarrell Remix)
5. Estiva & Temple One - November Lovely (Estiva Mix)
6. Estiva - Les Fleurs
7. Estiva - Fading Freedom
8. Estiva - Lifting Leaves
9. Estiva - I Feel Fine
10. Estiva - Vortex
11. Will Holland feat. Yana Kay - Tears In The Rain (Orjan Nilsen Remix)
12. Tritonal feat. Soto - Piercing Quiet (Treadstone Dub Mix)
13. Breakfast - Remember

CD Two - Temple One
1. Time Travellers - Lonely Planet (Sequentia Remix)
2. The Flyers & Mike Sonar - Frozen (Original Mix)
3. Sasha Virus - 2gether We Are (Sindre Eide Remix)
4. Eide & Andrez - Forget Me (Original Mix)
5. Temple One - Sahara Nights
6. Ferry Tayle & Static Blue - L'Acrobat (Original Mix)
7. A.M.R - Sand Dunes (Daniel Kandi Short Mix)
8. Joe Garrett - Afterglow (Temple One Mix)
9. Fast Distance - Pacifica (Temple One Remix)
10. Will Holland feat. Line Froyset - Things That Happen (Joe Garrett's Temple One Remix)
11. Mark Andrez & Den Rize - Flames (Original Mix)
12. Sequentia vs. Maarten Van Bergen - Echoes Of Sound (Sequentia Club Mix)
13. Jochen Miller - Face Value (Original Mix)
14. Temple One - String Theory (M6 Remix)

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