Dec 26, 2010
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First, as you can see on my post counter im tecnically new in AH, but not on trance.

This has been my first EOYC with AfterHours.

More than 300 sets, full of Mythical people of Trance of all times, what can I say, I have no words, it's been magical EOY for me and for all listeners, we enjoy alot, we danced alot, we trance.

:thankyou::loveah::thankyou: DJ's

Thanks all people who listen and support trance, Thanks
thank you for nice words mate, much appreciated. Glad you enjoyed it :)
Like i`ve said in the last EYOC thread at the end of the last set. Big big big big big thanks to dan an the hole AH.FM team for making this come true! It was so unreal....

Im atm here in holiday and i have listen 6-7-8-9 hours per day to AH.FM even when im in the kitchen or something else. This was totaly mindblowing!

Here we go in 2011 hopfully with lots of great shows, massive celebrations and more special shows!
very nice eoyc event this was :good2: i look forward to 2011's eoyc installment for when that time is near :music:
This EOYC 2010 has been the first EOYC for me as well a Ah.fm DeeJay.

Would also like to thank all the listeners supporting me throught the year and of course big:thankyou::best: to DAN, the entire AH.FM Staff and Danmark_Ori for his help

What can I say more???? Maybe this::loveah:
The uplifting trance shows were excellent. But for me there was far to much progressive. And there were many hours when I could not listen because of this. So i'm sincerely hoping next time will be much more uplift please:wink::smile:
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I really enjoyed the uplifting sets that I managed to listen to and I really, really enjoyed Armin's massive, massive, massive stunning set! :smile: :dancing: