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Please vote for favorite mixes

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May 1, 2006
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Please vote for best mixes you enjoyed and you think should be on EOYC 2015.
Vote all :)
Themselves to praise will not, but tell that to speak at such adecent radio, and even more so on the best Èvente in the worldwith our UpliftinG TRANCE show is my dream.
Listen to EOYS already 3 year in a row. For me this is a real gift for the new year) Thanks AH. FM
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thanks guys for your votes!
DJ Hunter & Maarten Metz - great music, fantastic atmosphere!
Hello everybody !I listened to a few sets! very interesting mix, but the best Vitaliy Rybakov & The TrancEuphoric-EOYC 2015 (TranceLVANI)! Good luck guys, and I hope you win :bravo::bravo::bravo:
My vote goes to these talented participants : ^_^

Alpha-Dog ,

Christopher92 ,
FraQu ,
DJ Alex The Lion ,
DJ Hunter & Maarten Metz ,
DJ Ayham52 ,
Gerg Porter ,
Kiddy ,
Alfurez ,
Jezdom ,
Zik Chaing ,

Best luck to all of you and those who voted for me ~


I am glad to participate in this contest! :loveah:
I hope for your support! :thankyou:
Good luck to all! :good:
i vote for my favorite mix good luck guys see yaa mixcloud...
Vote: done :grinning:

Now, wait for the results... Thank you very much to all took the time to listen my EOYC mix, and thanks to all who voted for me :friends:Good luck to all the trance lovers
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