EOYC 2019 Community Contest

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Hello folks,

Here's my EOYC 2019 contest entry packed with energetic uplifters and a couple of (live) mashups. :) I'm really happy with this awesome opportunity to be part of the countdown again.
Wishing everyone all the best and thank you for listening!

Zippyshare: https://www50.zippyshare.com/v/iI4dExSl/file.html
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Hello dear friends. I am happy that the contest is alive. learned about literally at the very last moment ...So with great pleasure I present to you my mix. and I hope to please you as in the last EOYC contest))

Oh really, God heard my prayers and the EOYC contest is back ...I was waiting for this moment)And I hope you can imagine how excited I was doing this mix.I ask you to listen and I want you to be filled with emotions from the Euphoric TranceR)

Here is my set: The TrancEuphoric - EOYC 2019 Contest on AH.FM


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All winners will be contacted within 24hours with details on creating new set for official EOYC.

Thank you
all winners were contacted via PM .. deadline for new sets is dec 7th .. If i don't get a set by then you wont be added into the event.
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