EOYC 2021 Day 11 on AH.FM 29-12-2021

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piccoli :choon:
i like this version :music: i forgot whos singing it

does he still complain about male vocals :LMAO:

we haven't seem him during this eoyc, he ois probably happy married with our girl (see first post) and already a grandad :lol:
this choon again :ee:
thats right Sia :beer2:

i think it was a movie soundtrack too :dontknow:
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i was just thinking that
might not be able to post from a phone :unsure:
not laughing at you, im wondering where people are too :beer2:
RAM Ft Cari - Soulfood (Extended Mix) (Shazam(

might not be able to post from a phone :unsure:

current mainpc is a ryzen 2600 with 16GB of ram and a kingston a2000 1TB ssd :icecream:

using my FiiO x3 1st gen as usb dac hooked up to m-audio ab-40 1st gen speakers :clap:

also another :choon: incomming: