EOYC 2021 Day 13 on AH.FM 31-12-2021

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Well, I really must get some sleep. It's 2:15am here, and I have quite a busy day ahead of me today. Will still be listening in my earbuds for the next ten minutes or so, but it's good night here on the forum. See you all later, and best wishes for a tremendous 2022!! :wave:
after this set i'm also going :sleeping: 816am here :megacrazy: see you soon :wave:
:rave: :wave::yawn:
Thank you all who tuned in amazing EOYC, if you missed some sets you can listen to them again via our http://ah.fm/premium

THANK U :hug:

Hello, Piggy. :wave: :friends: Happy 2022! :)


:bravo: :clap: :loveah: was big fun, enjoyed so much music again ! :good: :replay: :loveah:

a special thanks to C!C@ for all tracklisting :bow:
:yes: A special thanks to both of u! :hug::hug:

Till next December , thanks to everyone .
See u then! :bravo::hug:

:dancing: :hug:

Happy New Year 2022/EOYC 2021 :love: :icecream: AFTERHOURS FM
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