EOYC 2021 Day 4 on AH.FM 22-12-2021

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will be a great uplifting two hours, would be good till the end but 420am :O
i see he mixed a Jhonny Vergel track there in the beginning :super::choonalert:

do you still have enough beers? :)

i mixed some bitter lemon with some bacardi mojito earlier today :icecream:

now i picked the first one of 20 COLD ones :crazy: so plenty :ee:
Just got home :driver: from work, whats good party people :beer2:

piccoli :choon:
Any sign of him? :captain:

I did see his chair dancing girl around :lol::lol:

besides a few gremlins she made it to the first post most of the days :lol:

i think piccoli and that girl are married and are already grandparents :lol: