EOYC 2023 Day 8 on AH.FM 24-12-2023

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139 Chandni Shah - EOYC 2023 on AH.FM :replay:
01. Hidden Empire - Dark Sun
02. Nore en Pure - Wholehearted (Extended Mix)
03. Benny Benassi & Astrality - Fade to Black (Extended Mix)
04. Eelke Kleijn - Transmission (Joris Voorn Remix) :music: :dancing:
05. Dsnt Matter - How You Feel
06. Three Drives on a Vinyl - Greece 2000 (KREAM Remix)
07. Able to Resist - Time
08. Themba & Nico de Andrea (feat. Tasan) - Disappear (Franky Wah Remix)
09. Pritam, Arijit Singh & Amitabh Bhattacharya - Kesariya (Lost Frequencies Remix)
10. Armin van Buuren & HRRTZ feat. Julia Church - Fire with Fire
11. Phillip Castle - The Gap (Extended Mix)
12. Maor Levi, Brandon Vendetta & Ash Nova - Alone
13. Ben Gold - I'm in a State of Trance (2023 Edit)

141 Preet - EOYC 2023 on AH.FM :replay:
01. Alex Morph - Calling Berlin
02. Paul van Dyk and Elated - Parallel Dimension

03. Michael L - Inner Solar :music:
04. Paul van Dyk - You Found Me
05. Reorder - All Comes Back To You
06. Saad Ayub - Move On
07. Paul van Dyk, Marc van Linden & Sue McLaren - Beautiful Life
08. Temple One - Reunited
09. Temple One - Magic Moment
10. Stine Grove - Empire of Love
11. TH3 ONE & DJ Dean - Wake Me Up (Extended Mix)
Stine Grove - Empire of Love :replay:


A place so safe, the sun was always shining
A shelter from the madness of the world
You would be waiting with your arms wide open
Our love and care would conquer all that hurt

But lately I have seen the hole in your heart
I wish the hurt I did could be undone
Your distant glance that makes my heartbeat tremble
I’m clinging to our world that soon be gone

Burned by your silence
Crashing to the ground
Slowly dissolving
Our empire of love
Everything we cared for
Imploding with no sound
Slowly dissolving
Our empire of love

Our empire of love
Our empire of love
Our empire of love

143 Bhaumik - EOYC 2023 on AH.FM
01. Claus Backslash - Spiritual Elements (Extended Mix)
02. Roman Messer, Alex M.O.R.P.H - CYBERIA (Extended Mix)
03. Outerplus Pulse, Solarstone - Vixen - Pt. I & II Solarstone Extended
04. Paul van Dyk, Marc van Linden, Sue Mclaren - Beautiful Life ( Shine Ibiza Anthem) (Extended Mix)
05. Amar N - Spiritualized (Extended Mix)
06. Cari, Fisical Project, Caleb Golston - Like It Was Yesterday (Extended Mix)
07. Adam Schofield - Everybody (Extended Mix)
08. Ahmed Romel, Silvela - In Your Thoughts (Extended Mix)
09. Aly & Fila, Alex M.O.R.P.H, Cheryl Barnes - Eye Of The Storm (Extended Mix)
10. Sam Laxton, Altartica, Sarah Rusell - To Find Me (Extended Mix)
11. Bixx, Ana Criado - I Belong (Extended Mix)
04. Paul van Dyk, Marc van Linden feat. Sue McLaren - Krásný Život (Hymna Shine Ibiza) (Rozšířen Mix) :book: