EOYC song to ID

those 12 tracks there are for a one hour set while Lange had a two hours set for eoyc :grinning:

18:00 - 20:00 ~ 1:59:48.82
101 Lange - EOYC 2020 on AH.FM 24-12-2020
unfortunately the dj did not uploaded a tracklist file

just checked his last episode of the regular radio show #80 and its the same :book:

Lange - Create Music 080 on AH.FM 23-11-2020
not sure why that site added it there but its incorrect :megacrazy:

if you want to know a track name you should try shazam, good luck :flowers:

in case you know who runs that site or can contact someone there, please let them remove it to not confusing peoples :)