Epic Energizing 5

Epic Energizer

Mar 2, 2010
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It's been a long time since my last submission, cause I ran myself out on uk-hardcore for some months.^^
Now I'm back with some kick ass- progressive tunes.

I know that none of my sets can ever get as good as the first and the second one of the Epic Energizing-saga (at least so it seems for the next time...)
but nevertheless...

Just get bangin' and enjoy, will ya? ;-D

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01. Ehren Stowers - Ascent
02. Thomas Bronzwaer - Constellation (John O'Callaghan Mix)
03. Ehren Stowers - Replicator (Original Mix)
04. Claudia Cazacu - Valley Of The Kings (Original Mix)
05. Ehren Stowers - Quarantine (Original Mix)
06. DJ Eco - Light At The End [Lost World Remix] (Martin Roth Edit)
07. Paul Miller & Sasha Dubrovsky - Impact (Trance Arts & Luke Terry Remix)
08. Faruk Sabanci & Aeden - Istanbul (Dereck Recay Remix)
09. Ben Gold - Life (Original Mix)
10. Ehren Stowers - Elusive (Original Mix)
11. Ehren Stowers - Frequency (Original Mix)
12. Activa Pres. Force One - Reflection (Orignal Mix)
13. Garry Heaney - Dry Ice (Original Mix)
you've made a huge feedback for ehren stowers i'd say :D i really like that mix, its always nice to see some older tracks as well :) thumb up for garry heaney :D