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Jun 3, 2013
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Erick Strong is back on Suanda with his vocal production "Lady #1", featuring Anatoly Kontsevich on vocals.

Love it or hate it, male vocals are a rare thing in electronic music nowadays, and "Lady #1" is a worthy contribution by these guys to balance out this situation. A romantic love story sung by Anatoly is accompanied by a rhythmical and melodic piece of progressive trance music courtesy of Erick Strong, who once again showed his top notch production skills.

The duo Ozo Effy packed "Lady #1" into a tighter, much more upbeat version, rocking every dancefloor with its infectious synths and agressive tech trance rhythm - still, there is a place for a beautiful piano solo in the breakdown, giving a chance for a quiet lighters-in-the-air moment before the track builds into its energetic climax.

Finally, closing the release is an acoustic version of the song, which would come in handy if you grow tired of electronic beats and want to appreciate just the lyrics and soothing vocals of the track.

01.Erick Strong & Anatoly Kontsevich - Lady #1 (Original Mix)
02.Erick Strong & Anatoly Kontsevich - Lady #1 (Ozo Effy Remix)
03.Erick Strong & Anatoly Kontsevich - Lady #1 (Dub Mix)
04.Erick Strong & Anatoly Kontsevich - Lady #1 (Acoustic Mix)

Release date on Beatport: Oct 7th (out now!), all other stores: Oct 21

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