Eunostos - Trance N Dance may 08

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Dec 15, 2007
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This month includes Techno and Psychotrance. we start with "Songless" of Lange one of the hits of this year, then "Burn my shadow" another beautiful song. next we have techno tracks with Ali wilson, Reaky, and Simon Patterson. at the end we have psychotrance this time a little bit different with sounds more of the side of the trance. also the remix of "Rounders" by astrix a classic.

01 Lange - songless
02 Unkle - Burn my shadow (Junkie XL remix)
03 Mode Hookers - Breathe (Sander van Doorn remix)
04 Ali Wilson & Matt Smallwood - sok rocka
05 Reaky - Midnight Ressurection
06 Simon Patterson - Panic Attack
07 Violet Vision - Cellophane (Sub 6 vs Domestic remix)
08 Protoculture - Circadians
09 Growing Machines - Rounders (Astrix remix)
10 Eskimo - Israely Beautiful

total time - 1:04


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Eskimo :wow:

:) not only the title of this last track makes me curious ! :grinning:​

:dancing: I've got good memories :super: at your previous sets, Bitman 2.0 ! :grinning:​
Eskimo :wow:
:) not only the title of this last track makes me curious ! :grinning:
:dancing: I've got good memories :super: at your previous sets, Bitman 2.0 ! :grinning:

I'm not sure, but is this the Eskimo from "Eskimo & Icebird" ? I don't think actually... :hmmm:

Well... I'll listen and - because the style of E&I is very recognizable - I'll give a conclusion and opinion afterwards. :music:

Tracklist looks good! :grinning:
hello, thnx for your posts danmark bro, and marco 18 :hug:

eskimo is one of the greatest psychotrance producers, he have made great psychotrance tracks with deep and cautivating sounds.

here is some info about this great dj and producer link

when i heard "israely beautiful" i couldn't live without that track. is a :choonalert:

all comments are welcome, thank you for listen.:hug:
Hello Bitman!

There were a lot of tracks that I didn't know before, or at least the remix of it. Here a short review after a couple of times listening:

Nice start with the well-known Lange track!

I'm usually not a fan of Junkie XL, but this one is relaxing :). Tracks 3, 4, 5 not my favourite tracks, but they fit well in the build-up of the set!

From track 6, higher tempo: more beats per min., more power, more energy, that's good! Great track! :grinning:

Track 8 (Protoculture - Circadians) was my favourite of the set. :super:

The last track forms a very good ending! (And it's not the Eskimo from "Eskimo & Icebird" :) )

It's a good set, well done, and thanks!

thnx for the review marco.

good you like it :grinning:
Starting with Songless and ending with Eskimo? :lol: :grinning:
Starting with Songless and ending with Eskimo? :lol: :grinning:

yeah, pretty weird i know :p

i wanted to include trance and techno but things go faster and faster and i couldn't stop :lol:

the result was awesome!!!!! :wow: