Euphoric Nation - Trance Paradise 261 on AH.FM 21-01-2016

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Let's keep goooooooooiiiiiiinnnnnnggggggggg

8. Above & Beyond, Andy Moor - Air For Life
Anyone feeling this yet?

10. Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes (Gabriel & Dresden's Sweeping Strings Remix)
Keepin it going of course heheheehehe... I'm having too much fun here!

11. 4 Strings - Until You Love Me (The Esscence Extended Mix)
Exiting the classics portion... but I've still got some good tunes to end the night!

12. Temple One - Venus
I'm looooving this journey!!!! I never want it to end!

14. Ralph Friedman - Renata
Last track of the night from me. What a good one to end on!!

15. Bogdan Vix & Renee Stahl - Forever (Suncatcher & Bogdan Vix Remix)