Europe/Canada Nightlife


Oct 11, 2007
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So, what IS there to do around your neck of the woods at night? Do you hang out with friends at some pub? Do you go to the beach and hang out there? Do you eat dinner "out?" Do you go to the clubs on weekdays and so, how long do you stay out, oh, and on weekends too. What are the best nights/clubs in your neck of the woods?

Me? Eh. Nothing too exciting. Maybe someday. I have partied quite a bit back in the days but, I just can't drink like I used to anymore, that's for sure. I like doing photography at night though.

I am being nosy:mask:

Take it away AH.FM:super:

Here in Ottawa Canada we have an ok nightlife.
For your average college student there is a lot of clubs and bars.

But for a weird kids like me there are not many options.
No good martini lounges. No good Ambient, Trance, DNB bar or club.
ok i'm in for what Abominus asked.

Ok here in Portugal-Europe, well Lisbon where i live there are some clubs and bars, but it sucks because the music it's not trance and if i go to a club is to listen music i like, so i left the clubbing here and i stay at home at nights and i went clubbing for about 15 years all weekends, but ironically that was back when the clubs played more trancy sounds than now. Maybe you don't believe but none of the big names from trance comes here to play, yeah i know it's unbelievable. It sucks.