Ever wondered how AH.FM started? click to find out

Dan, I remember when you fist mentioned this idea for an internet trance radio station to me so many years ago. I'm very happy that Afterhours worked out and became so popular!! I don't post on the forums very often but I sure do listen in a hell of a lot! :dance:

You've done a massive job, my friend! Keep up the great work.
Thank you all for nice words, AH and its team will keep doing our best :)

Master -- nice to see you .. i haven't spoken to you in ages... send me your msn or Skype over PM.. would love to catch up.

:cap: Still : nice to read and to read again :grinning:

very nice to read , and use it to learn from. thanks for this!!! I will one day start a site like this , with the help of my friends at http://lockergnome.com I see it happening in the space of a single weekend. Is that even possible if you have like 7 or 8 smart people helping you get it done , is this realistic.
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Great Article Dan! The sky is the limit & I see nothing but great things to come! I Love AH.FM <3:loveah::beer2:
It's always amazing read how something you like so much started, the greatest online radio ever :loveah::loveah::loveah: Congrats Dan, great work!!! So much wonderful things to come, that's sure.:bravo::bravo:
I recently had a interview with EDM magazine, feel free to read and get a better understanding what AH.FM is and how it started.

The Ins and Outs of Afterhours.FM Uncategorized EDM Magazine

Thank you all for your continued support.
AH.FM rocks!
Great interview. Actually I do not listen to any other fm station on line. (BBC Radio3 in the car!) Some fantastic music. Lots of delightful surprises. Thank you Dan and all the helpers and DJs and the community.
I know its the best radio station I have ever discovered :) <3