Exams, exams

OH session is one of my favourite ... i love it :) I have 3 exams and i'm not worryig about them:) greetings for all students:)
I just finished all my semester 2007 fall exams......scored 4.0 GPA ......hey afterhours staff ....i thank you tooo..... Trust me i take my music dose every day from afterhours.fm.....freakiest awesome musik
aww.. a fishthread :mask:

didn't know she has her own :blink:
Well, I just thought I'd chip in. Exams are never ever that appealing, but harbour at least solace for seasoned students. Harking back to high school, the administration would counter rapidly decelerating national exam results with almost an overkill of education. That's not to say we were run ragged, but rather that there existed quite a few more exam sessions than all other schools. At no fewer than twenty individual exams a year, and at no less than a total of ninety over five, we became resolute, wondering why it was that we were worked so wickedly. But it was in our nature to accept and accept we did, and today most of us at University are still working out why it was that we had it so "hard." They conclude the first University year is never easy. By January 2008, I would have accumulated 11 A-grade marks, 5 B-grade marks and a modest collection of C-grade borderlines. To anyone still out there, I ask you, have you alone succeeded a frenetic first year, or has everyone still left moved on and into their later University life?
mh .. mine are coming ...

8/9th march : CAPES ( 2 x5hours dissertations, History & Geography )

8/9/10/11th Aril : Agregation ( 4x 7hours dissertations, same subjects but more .. :p )

It's not really exams, its a "contest" If you have it, then you're a teacher in History & Geography, only for the universities :)
3rd college year starting this Thursday...:p:p

I´ll have 5 subjects..

- Animation
- Graphic Project
- Digital Illustration
- Cinema language
- Graphic Processes

Ah...I study Design...:grinning:

Thank God I don´t have anymore of those Sociology or Antropology classes..:):super:
Yeah, session is coming up so what do you have to pass :p

My exams:

31.I. Physiotherapy in gynaecology
02.II. Physiology
05.II. Kinesiotherapy

+ passes of massage, physicotherapy & physiology :)

i had 10 exams in 2 weeks a day :)