External Art 011!


Feb 21, 2007
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On the 19th of December the last episode of Jonis show "External Art" will air, closing the year (it will appear again in 2008 though). Joni is requesting everyone to send in their favourite tune that they would like to hear in the last show, so have your say!

E-mail your submission to: externalart@jpl-music.com before the 9th of December please, and I'll compile a list of the most requested tunes!

Thanks :)
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There are two songs that I'd put in first place for the year, that's Super8 & Tab - Suru (Original Mix), and Deems - Tears Of Hope (Aly & Fila Remix). Plenty of great tracks, but no two songs have captured me as much as those two.

I'm not sure which to pick, but I'm leaning towards Suru. Even after listening to it so much, I can still listen to it today and still be as glued to my headphones as I was the first time I heard it.