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Fast Distance - Point Break [Nu-Depth]


Sep 12, 2008
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Fast Distance is one of those acts that has rocketed into the scene of trance. From late 2007 and up until now they have served us several singles and I think outstanding tracks such as Elysion, Kilimanjaro, Floating World and Playa De Oro deserves a mention. As for remixes they have already done a fair bit and loads more are on the way. Sadly Oliver Picart is no longer a part of the Fast Distance project but I am sure Belgian producer Franz Hlusek aka Arpegia can keep it up and live up to their previous standards. This is not their first appearence on Danny Powers' Nu-Depth label as they have already remixed Paul Miller & Michael Mystica's "Turn On" - but now ready with a brand new track with 3 remixes to compliment it.

The Original Mix is pumping from first bar introducing a tight kick and a subtle melody. The hats are bringing a bit upbeat trancey mood and goes hand in hand with the clap. The build-up is quite excellent bringing a few stabs and perfect fill-ins which adds to the quality of the track thus helps build some tension. As the bottom end is cut and the breakdown hits you, you have a beautiful leading melody working alongside some floaty pads. The melody captures an emotional feel and never goes too far but stays in that moment while it builds tension in an elegant way. The beats sets in again and then you have it - epic trance. The second break has a looped breaks sequence and it really works in a great way and creates some diversity to the track. The Onova Remix has a thicker kick drum and some different percussion elements. It has a moving bassline that should get people on the dancefloor jumping. The lead isn't as touching as in the original and the mix feels somewhat cloudy opposed to the original. This doesn't change the fact that this is a perfect peak-time trancer. That was quite a trance injection so lets move on to a remix which has been taken in a different direction. Fraser Hamilton, known as Frase gives us a progressive trance remix with softer beats and a deep bassline. The breakdown in his version resembles the original version's really well without copying it completely. The main melodies fits the tempo and the mood and the leading synth lifts the tune to higher level, combining progressive and uplifting trance. Last up is the Six Senses Remix. Sebastiaan has created a magnificent melodic univers in this mix. While the melodies are perfect and just as I personally like it, I feel like this mix could have reached a higher quality level if he had been paying more attention to the details. White noise, fill-ins, synth stabs, filters, etc could really have spiced this mix up and made it even more unique. If you are sucker for melodies then this is still the mix you want.

I was quite surprised with the quality of the Original Mix, which would be my pick. Fast Distance went that extra mile in this production and this is what I like about it. It doesn't rely only on melody and the beats but it is structured in a good way and the various elements creates some depth. Kudos to Six Senses for his remix which I also strongly recommend. If you want that extra power or a more progressive feel then you can find it in the Onova and the Frase mixes respectively.

You can download previews straight to your harddrive by following this link:
Fast Distance - Point Break MP3

Feel free to discuss the release in this thread.

Releasedate: 26.01.2009

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Yeah that's an amazing release ! \o/
Hi guys,
Just to let you know that Downloads and CD’s are now available of Fast Distance’s ‘Point Break’ (nudepth006) from the following stores –


Beatport – https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/153901/Point Break

Audiojelly – http://www.audiojelly.com/tracks/206800
Trackitdown – Point Break - Fast Distance - Nu Depth Recordings - [320kbps MP3/WAV File] - Trackitdown - Dance Music Downloads & Merchandise

DJ Download – djdownload.com - Search Results - fast distance point break

Juno Download - Fast Distance - Point Break MP3

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Fast Distance are quickly making a name for themselves on the trance market as this year Franz Hlusek and Olivier Picart have seen their work reach the likes of Armin Van Buuren, DJ Tiesto, Above & Beyond and Radio One's Judge Jules. They've already set their tone well on nu-depth with their excellent take on Paul Miller & Michael Mystica's 'Turn On'.
Here they land on nu-depth recordings with their debut outing with the steady, melodic effort 'Point Break'. This again shows why their lush sound has already been captured on labels such as Monster Tunes, Enhanced and Alter Ego.
The well constructed Original Mix is backed with three solid and varied mixes from no strangers to the trance scene. Starting the ball rolling is Onova, who rocketed onto the scene last year with the heavyweight cut 'Platitude'. Here he adds his driving, euphoric sound with some cool effects that's sure to make this a peak time belter. For all you progressive trance heads, Frase takes us on a big bass workout that goes down Marcus Schulz territories still keeping the melody intact. Finishing this package off is Six Senses, who really makes it his own adding a cool melodic, driving edge. Again this guy is really hitting top form at the moment, so it was a pleasure to have him on board on this release.
We feel this is possibly one of our strongest and varied releases to date, I hope you guys agree!!!

DJ Support – Jon O’Bir, John Askew, Aly & Fila, Nitrous Oxide, Tom Colontonio, MIKE, Mark Pledger, Manuel Le Saux, Andre Visior, Suzy Solar, Kuffdam & Plant, Ronski Speed, Vicky Devine, William Daniel, Pedro Del Mar, Dima Krasnik, Sebastian Brandt, Marcos, Jorn Van Deynhoven, Sied Van Riel, Abbott & Chambers, Fast Distance, Frase, Bart Classen, Graham Gold, Talla 2XLC, Artento Divini, Matt Darey, Digital Nature, Jonas Hornblad and DJ Dean.

Radio Plays – Anjuna Beats Worldwide with Mark Pledger #102, Pedro Del Mar & DJ Shah’s Mellomania Show, Fast Distance Radio, Manuel Le Saux Top Twenty, Suzy Solar’s Solar Power Sessions, Sebastian Brandt Point Break, The Perceptive Recordings Show, Aly & Fila’s Future Sound Of Egypt.

Also out now on nu-depth recordings are –
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i had the chance to listen to this track now and i prefer the original mix, quality track by fast distance as always :)
Glad someone agrees with me on the original mix

lol thanks outofspace!

yeah a lot of people seem to be liking the original along with the onova version, thanks guys :)