Ferry Corsten feat. Howard Jones - Into the Dark


Dec 31, 2007
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From Ferry's MySpace:

Ferry Corsten featuring Howard Jones – Into The Dark out on January 21!
For the track 'Into The Dark' on his L.E.F. album, Ferry Corsten teamed up with the famous singer Howard Jones. Howard wrote the beautiful lyrics and he delivered the awesome vocal for the track. Ferry recently made a special Ferry Fix from the track, which he's playing out now in his sets. It became the number 1 in the Corsten's Countdown Top 10 in November 2007 already! On January 21 this new Ferry Fix will be released on Flashover Recordings, as well a splendid remix done by the young talented DJ / producer Casey Keyworth under his 'Breakfast' alias.

I really love the new Ferry Fix of this that was played on ASOT 334. Love the lyrics, and also the sounds that Ferry's made for it. Great tune! :) :choon:
I hate the vocals, like the instrumental part

Waiting for the dub mixes
pretty good track! although i would recommend a dub mix, the vocals are 'pretty good' but if overplayed, im pretty sure people would get tired of the vocals. dub mix [if there is one] would be great! the breakfast remix is good [but] it starts out with the signature [getting old... the same] bassline as 'the sunlight' and 'waiting here for you remix' don't get me wrong, breakfast is an amazing producer [and one of my favorites], but using the same basslines kinda brings the track down a few brownie points in my opinion.

8/10 ferry fix
7/10 breakfast remix
I like this track! :choon:

Both the ferry fix and breakfast remix are very good as well :music:

Overall Track Rating: 7.5/10 :cat:
Ben Gold Feat Senadee - Say the Words (Aly & Fila Remix) much better male vocal track atm... this guy can sing..