Ferry Corsten - Radio Crash


Dec 30, 2007
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Check this one out! HIGHLY recommended! It's my new favorite tune!
oh well i like it - everyone expected i guess to say that right? i hope this will be in the new upcoming album as well :grinning: Many Djs support this tune such as Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren, Tiesto and i hope much more in the future

here is a link to review it : YouTube - Dancetour Eindhoven 2008 : Ferry Corsten - Radio Crash
where can i hear this song..
not his best but hes still a leg-end
I liked it a lot!!:choon::choon:
Heard this a few times ' this tune has grown on me like it a lot at moment

OMG I love this song! :super::choon:

I heard it for the first time with Ferry playing it in in New York this Friday.

I was dancing in the DJ booth when he played it and OMG it rocks my mind. I was trying to figure out the ID from a tracklist my friend gave me, and I love this song!

My favorite part is when the drum kicks in at the climax.

Luckily its been released tomorrow!
the armin mashup of radio crash and smack my ***** up !!! zomg !!
verrrryy good tune from Ferry :super: I love it :wub: