Few more days for Aly & Fila to premiere their 3hour set!


Jun 26, 2006
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Yes, Afterhours.fm & Amplifying Studio bring you the 4th edition of Middle-East in the Mix, this time Aly & Fila will present a 3hour performance for the first time.

People are going crazy over this, thousands and thousands counting the days to July 29 to witness this massive event take place, uniting massive artists from the Middle-East like Amadeus, Mohamad Ragab, Beebee, and many others.


"Im so happy to have this opportunity to witness one of my favorite djs doing a 3hour set to show the world how good they are..." Johan Seblin

"A creative and massive choice, i cant but think of how advanced radio events are!!" Sarah Dresdene

"We love the Middle-East because of its talent, im glad to see these in the mix events and support the movement 100%" Joseph Khantar

so guys, July 29, 2008....AH.FM is the place to tune in and be!