"finish me off", "the pyramid scheme", "snowball set"


Oct 13, 2006
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- call it whatever you like. :)

I start off with two tracks (in 192k mp3, currently ending in 138 bpm / C)
anyone interested makes a claim posting his /her intend, later to be edited with the works
the added part should be min 2 tracks OR (pun, har) 15 mins max.
upload to a free host of your choice for the next taker
(pls don't forget to add/check the link)
amend playlist with tracks and your name.
anything allowed as long as it tries to fit the flow.
everyone and every media is welcome as long as you would please get your beatmatching right. :mask:
aiming for 60, maybe 90 mins playtime.

AHllStars - SnowbAHll
01. 90 - Orjan Nilsen pres. OR - Beat Design (Original)
02. 90 - Nic Chagall - Sky Blue (Original)

RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

tbc (hopefully...don't let me down...):blink:

if you like to provide your cue times I could do a sheet as well.
an added bonus, but not obligatory - just a favour, would be if we could give this a feel of transition between seasons - summer going and autumn arriving soon here in UK...:cry:
very gd idea :) got no free time coz of college work :/ but will check up next week and see if its still goin :) if theres still some time left i will contribute :D:D
a well visited forum, enough peeps who could but not would.
you gais are truly embarrassing

well, I wait for Sam then or finish it off myself.:smile1:

looks ok, let me try bro :super:

ok here is my 15 minutes

AHllStars - SnowbAHll
01. 90º - Orjan Nilsen pres. OR - Beat Design (Original)
02. 90º - Nic Chagall - Sky Blue (Original)
03. Eunostos - Ferdy & Matt Van Wyk - miami 8:06 (original)
04. Eunostos - Bs as deep - land of music (Marco Bellini & Val Weller remix)

mixed file - download link

only eunostos - download link

ok there are two versions, the first one is already mixed with your last two tracks, the second one only contains my two tracks only. i dont know if you would put them toguether or if i should do it.

but i think is easier (at least for me) put them toguether bymyself because that way i can choose the correct track for the transition.

talking about flow.. my tracks are progressive stuff, but i feel they fits with your last track pretty fine.

the files are mp3 256 kbpm and i think the bpm is about 128 or 130. so the next one could raise it to 135 or so, who knows maybe we can get up to 150 bpms :devil:
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like it, well done...aand mixing it straight in was the idea. :grinning:

so we're at 28:01 mins at the moment, after your prog intermezzo we could do with a nice track with a hefty heart break breakdown to stick to the tested formular to speed it up again afterwards.

well, let's see what happens and if those peeps here finally find their DJ glasses.

as for bpms, you could try those free apps if nothing else is around to determine them
MixMeister DJ Mixing Software
MP3 BPM Analyzer - SoftJock Audio Software - DJ, Jukebox and other music software
(why anyone would like to know the bpm of a John Denver track is beyond my reach though...)