Future Heroes Vol.5 [Mondo Records] OUT NOW!


Feb 14, 2011
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The always inspiring 'Future Heroes' series from Mondo Records is back with its fifth instalment. Dedicated to unearthing and nurturing new talent, we've discovered 4 more new and inspiring talents who make up this latest instalment.

Kicking off the EP with a slick trance workout from Vadim Bonkrashkov & Alemis in the form of 'Erebus'. Packed with a bone shaking bass line, big room stabs and an infectious groove.

Next up, Classtier continues to keep the energy high of this fifth instalment with 'It's Time To Grow Up'. Another talent to watch out for as they deliver a killer melody line and clinical production.

And finally to round out the EP we have the sumptuous sounds of 'A Day To Remember' from Solewaas, which will please even the purest of trance fans with its uplifting vibe.

1. Vadim Bonkrashkov & Alemis - Erebus

2. Classtier - It's Time To Grow Up

3. Solewaas - A Day To Remember

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