Future Stations?


Jul 20, 2006
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Suggesting as afterhours gets bigger, you should make a Hard House/Hard Trance channel... I know for a fact that UK hard house/trance is HUGE in calgary.
Tidy, Nukleus, Extreme, can't find an album ANYWHERE, other than overseas. :(

That wouldn't be a bad idea, although I believe getting ahold of even more servers might prove to be rather expensive and quite a hastle.
sounds like a nice idea, but then like alex said its very expensive to keep a radio like this running with 128k stream. This radio is only 9 weeks old, I hope it becomes something big where we can get a sponsor or more donations and then anything is possible.

but we need listeners and spread the word, so help us out mate :)
we will actually test out 192K for a few weeks... im doing the switch over today :)

I would like to hear comments on it.
woohoo 192k ;)
Other channels would be a good idea, but definately worth waiting until you get more listeners otherwise it will just half the listeners at the moment to each channel, but saying that I wouldn't mind a Progressive only channel :D Ok, so i'm just biased, but y'know!

Personally for 9 - 10 weeks work this channel looks like it's grown a lot in that time, so I think it will continue to grow, i'll do whatever I can to help too :)