Gabriel&Dresden vs Dinka + Planet Funk vs Dinka (Ben Double M acapella mashups)

Ben Double M

Aug 18, 2008
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This is two mashups around Dinka just because I really love what he's doing.Great sense of melody and groovy rythms.. as I like ;)

Genre : Progressive House mashup
Acapella : Gabriel & Dresden "Tracking treasure down" (studio acapella)
Music : Dinka "Zero Altitude" (original mix)
Tempo : 128bpm

Gabriel & Dresden vs Dinka "Tracking treasure down Zero altitude (Ben Double M acapella mashup)

Genre : Progressive House mashup
Acapella : Planet Funk "Chase the sun" (Melodic acapella)
Music : Dinka "Green Leaf"(original mix)
Tempo : 128bpm

Planet Funk vs Dinka "Green Leaf chase the sun" (Ben Double M acapella mashup)
Haha, I don't even have to make any mashups myself anymore with the speed you work at. Thanks, will check these out :smile:

no!!! more there are stuff more there's fun imo :dance:
ya I have a bunch (with a capital C) of projects already on the way indeed..
so it's pretty "easy" to finalize 2,4,3 mashups/week or more but I really don't don't like to run, I work mainly during night time because all is quite.. no stresss...and I'm more concentrated.. I'm sure that you (as me) can stay stucked on the same measure for hours just to makes it sounds as you want :megacrazy:

sometimes I finshed some very old project as well, some I've started there's about 4 or 5 years ago. (it makes me think about "As the rush comes".. never finished..:wall: )

I take things as they come.

but I think I'll do a little break to work on BelgaBootlegs Uptempo v4 Trance Edition..

thank u for taking the time to listen, hoping it won't bores you ;)
Checking them out mate....I liked your Planet Funk vs Dinka mash up!!! Will use it in my shows!!! Cheers!!!!