Got track ID skillz?


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May 6, 2006
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Dont know the first one, but it sounds like a good tune

second one sounds good too...but dont know it either

I'm still searching for these tracks. Track 1 I just heard the other night on a BBC doco called "Bill Gates: The Geek that Changed The World". I can't find ANYTHING on the BBC website.

I'm still desperately after these tracks. If anybody knows them - please post up.

Btw - these tracks are from the Paul Oakenfold documentray called "24/7". But there is no mention of the tracks used in the credits of the DVD.
Wouldnt be surprised if they're Oakey productions, he's done a lot of film scores too, might be worth checking out some soundtracks etc
Bump - I know its been almost 5 months... but srsly...I'm still looking to ID these tracks.

Any AH.FM crew speak to Oakenfold? Don't suppose you'd mind passing him this link? I am desperate to find out the names of these tracks.
Guys - I'm still looking for the ID to these two tracks. Shazam on the iPhone can't match them. If anybody knows the ID of these tracks - plz let me know.
We have a winner!! Track 2 is:

Artist: Mara
Title: If Only You Knew

Now please if anybody can ID track 1
I hate not knowing track names, however, I am thankful that I have them and that they move me so deeply. Many remain unnamed in my library, yet have a 5 star rating so I know they're the special ones to me. Wish I could have helped, I know how frustrating it is to download mixes and not the complete tracklist crediting the proper artist.
I'm still chasing this - if anybody can ID track #1, I'll mail you a souvenir koala from Australia.
and after three years you keep on searchig an ID? you are fascinating, man!

im gonna look for the remaining ID

P.S. I've got the documentary/live concert film \o/
OK so I emailed the guys at, and they didn't know either! Seriously. They have the same problem I have - it's not credited on the DVD and nobody knows what it's called.

Seriously - I've heard this bit of music in a few places. It was also used in a few episodes of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. It's got to be a signed bit of music.

Someone out there must know what it's called.

So here it is.. if you can successfully ID track 1 in my post at the top of this thread, you can have the choice of...

1. Me sending you a fluffy toy Koala, from Australia (if you live overseas), or...
2. I will paypal you $10US

Seriously - take your pick. Just someone ID this track for me!
Dude, honestly.. this ID's been on my desktop for months (I usually keep nothing on it, imagine! :)) for the purpose of listening and handing it around.

There is no way there is uncredited person in the film. The mysterious artist might have been right under our nose! :) My guess: this masterpiece is produced by Oaky himself.

I suppose he just did not express any desires to release it. Damn.

Also checked the credits for featured music in the documentary (Bad Apples, Madonna, Mara, Paul Oakenfold, PPK, The Spitfires) and went through many samples.. No significant result. That kind of sound is characteristic of Mara or Oaky. For that reason I would say it is somewhere in the dusty archives of Oaky. And we should better hurry up and contact him somehow.. Or ask some of his fan communities..

I would love to snuggle a fluffy Koala! :)

Try asking at Trancefix, some of the people there have some nice skills at ID'ing tracks

After all these years, I found the name of that track!!!!!

It's this!!!!!!!!!!!