GrotesQue Episode 100 Live Broadcast from Mainstage GrotesQue Indoor Festival


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May 1, 2006
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Aly & Fila - Orjan Nilsen - Richard Durand - Simon Patterson - Shogun - Super8 & Tab - Giuseppe Ottaviani LIVE - Omnia - Andrew Rayel - Beat Service - MaRLo - Bryan Kearney - RAM - Mark Sixma - Klauss Goulart - Paul Webster - Manuel Le Saux - James Dymond - Matt Bukovski - Darren Porter - Angeliquee & Miss Legacee - Artento Divini - Jose - Knife & Renvo - Spider - Jay Junior


Grotesque Indoor Festival
Summer festival vibes in autumn

The 4th Birthday edition of Grotesque is just around the corner and the heart of Trance-loving Holland is beating faster in anticipation. On Saturday October 19th, the stand-out venue Maassilo in Rotterdam will again provide the backdrop for the Grotesque Indoor Festival. In recent months tens of thousands of Trance lovers have had a taste of that famous Grotesque cocktail…..the best Trance from artists who are passionate about their music and the intimate atmosphere uniting the organisation and their fellow trance enthusiasts. PT Events… “Creating the ultimate experience!" That sounds promising……

On July 20th, during the biggest Trance Festival in the world, the Grotesque Stage at Electronic Family kept the party going at full speed from the first beat to the last. The weekends following were no different for Grotesque, as they hosted jam-packed stages at Ultrasonic and at Nature One, Germany’s biggest festival. All in an effort to cram in as much as possible before the main event on Saturday October 19th: The Grotesque Indoor Festival 2013.

Last year saw 4,000 clubbers from 42 countries gather for the event, which has found many new fans over this past summer. Grotesque has grandiose ideas without being too grand. It is personal and intimate, that’s what it’s all about; quality over quantity. No over-the-top ‘party tricks’, just an exceptional feel and eye for detail. Grotesque is about good music and good people, and everyone from the organisers to security to bar staff all place a high emphasis on personal contact with the Trance-loving punters.

LA-superstar Shogun added to the line-up
PT Events proudly announces the comeback of Los Angeles Superstar Shogun. ,,Due his amazing prime-time performance in the Grotesque area at Electronic Family, Shogun has proven himself twice over. Consider this as a gesture to all our loyal fans that have experienced his energetic show at our Grotesque stage!"

Grotesque Indoor Festival presents Trailer

From Groningen to Maastricht, from Europe to Canada, Brazil and even India, true music lovers have all been represented at Grotesque; the love of Trance knows no borders. At Grotesque the love of Trance is shared and embraced by a close-knit group of international clubbers, all of them revelling in the pumping beats from beginning to end. Over 4 areas the range of music styles presented will leave you spoiled for choice; Progressive to Tech-Trance, Classics to Hard Trance. And everything in-between.

Grotesque is bringing that beloved festival atmosphere to the indoor arena. The Maassilo in Rotterdam is 100% industrial and exudes pure character through its authentic details. This robust 100-year-old building, comprised of many separate spaces and ‘underground’ walkways, is the perfect smaller-scale venue for an exclusive gathering of the core of the Trance 'scenesters'.
Everything you’d expect from a great festival is there; from food corner to festival market.
Need to put your feet up for a while? Chill out in the amazing Buddha Lounge, a magical setting to sit back and take in the festival atmosphere. Or do you need an energy boost so you can dance like your life depended on it? The unique Oxygen Bar 3D Experience combines the power of pure oxygen and the thrill of a 3-dimensional world to bring your festival experience to a whole new level. The latest trend in festival land!

Tickets & Hotel

Check for a nice hotel deal the website. Tickets are on sale now at The €30 Earlybird tickets sold out fast but if you’re quick you can still buy the next round of tickets priced at €35. But watch out; after that round the price will jump to €40. Are you all ready? Get set, go!




After three years of striving to create the perfect party, PT Events have reaped the rewards of their efforts during the Third Birthday of Grotesque. The 4th year of Grotesque has flown by in a whirl of sold-out club nights and jam-packed stages at Electronic Family, Ultrasonic-, Summerlake- and Nature One Festival. 2013 is already a successful year for Grotesque, but the best is still to come…….
Saturday 19th October - Grotesque Indoor Festival 2013 - Maassilo Rotterdam
The clubnight Grotesque has in just a few short years become one of the more influential nights on the scene. Their very own Indoor Festival is adding yet another exciting chapter to the success story and the organisation seems unlikely to stop the happy ending just there!
So what makes Grotesque so special?? Grotesque has always tried to distinguish themselves by catering to the clubbers’ ultimate perception of enjoyment. They spend extra time and energy on those little details that make their clubbing experience stand out from the rest. Experiencing a Grotesque night will leave you with that wonderful ‘so it can be that good’ feeling.
Grotesque founder Patrick Pijnenburg: “Ultimately as an organisation you can’t do any more than guarantee the best of the best, and then deliver it. That is, to stay loyal to your patrons and ensure that, time after time, they find ultimate enjoyment at your event”

The Maassilo in Rotterdam, grandiose but still intimate! PT Events has always searched for exceptional locations in order to give their parties that intimate feeling on a large scale. The Maassilo was certainly put through it’s paces during the packed-out success that was the Indoor Festival of 2012. Not only was the location perfect, the staff at the Maassilo really added to the mixture of like-minded clubbers. PT Events are convinced that this stunning location will yet again be perfect for the Grotesque Indoor Festival 2013. The 100-yer old grain silo exudes a tangible robustness from it’s engine rooms, bringing an authentically personal vibe to it’s large open spaces.
Grotesque will bring the true festival spirit to the indoor arena with lots of entertainment and other things to spark your senses, aside from the music. In The Maassilo everyone is free to build their own unique festival experience. Take a sneak peek at the super cool Buddha Lounge, completely furnished by Milovito, a true specialist in glass mosaics. We will again be hosting the Oxygen Bar 3D Experience, and there will be an exciting new feature this year. The sights and sounds that flow through the special 3D glasses will be streamed direct from the DJ booth in the main stage, allowing you to experience exactly what it’s like to be the DJ. A totally new element in the Oxygen Bar and well worth a try!!
The festival feeling, great, but the party still needs to lift the roof! Absolutely! Grotesque is gonna be banging! This year there will be no less than 4 big rooms for the many faces of music which will make up the festival. That means there truly will be something for everyone. Of course, there will be two big rooms with headline acts such as Aly&Fila, Orjan Nilsen, Shogun en Richard Durand. But you will also get to see other aspects of the Dance music genre that make it so great. Taste the festival atmosphere with the sultry vibes in the House area or let yourself go crazy to one of the 140bpm Trance giants, this year with their very own area for all those that love the harder side of trance. The Grotesque Indoor Festival 2013 will also play host to a dazzling array of market stalls, the perfect place to rummage around and find a special something to remind you of this unique festival experience.
Have you already checked out the official website? Come take a look at the multifunctional website of the Indoor Festival. This site was set up especially for people who want to download a special guestmix, read interviews with the DJs or get info about nearby hotels and transport options for the Maassilo. There are also some cool Grotesque competitions and you can stay up-to-date with the latest news….including additions to the festival market.
RAMs Memoriam set for his wife Amelia! Probably not many people have missed the terrible news about the sudden passing of Rams wife Amelia, last Saturday. Only one tough week later, Ram is determined to perform and focus on his own Indoor Festival where he will dedicate a special dj-set to his wife Amelia. This tragic happening won't have much consequences for the Indoor Festival, only the dresscode will be changed to "White". Dresscodes are always a wish from the organisation; it will never be a restriction.

Time schedule

Engine Room (Live Area)
21.00-22.15 Mark Sixma
22.15-23.45 Andrew Rayel
23.45-01.15 Orjan Nilsen
01.15-03.00 RAM (Tribute To Amelia)
03.00-04.30 Aly&Fila
04.30-05.45 Giuseppe Ottaviani LIVE
05.45-07.00 Bryan Kearney

Machine Room
22.00-23.00 Klauss Goulart
23.00-00.00 Beat Service
00.00-01.15 Omnia
01.15-02.30 Super8 & Tab
02.30-03.45 Richard Durand
03.45-05.00 Simon Patterson
05.00-06.00 MarLo

Boiler Room
22.30-23.15 Angeliquee
23.15-00.00 Miss Legacee
00.00-01.00 Manuel Le Saux
01.00-02.00 Matt Bukovski
02.00-03.00 James Dymond
03.00-04.00 Darren Porter
04.00-05.00 Paul Webster

Power House
23.00-00.00 Dr. Rene
00.00-01.00 Jay Junior
01.00-02.00 Spider
02.00-03.00 Artento Divini
03.00-04.00 Jose
04.00-05.00 Knife&Renvo

some news :book:
and the new timetable ↓

Conclusion: Just €40 will get you entry into the Grotesque Indoor Festival 2013 and the choice of nearly 30 top-quality artists. As well as enjoying free ice creams, fruit and sweets, you’ll also get one hell of a festival experience to take home!

Note: One stage will be broadcasted Live. The other stages will be broadcasted on OKTOBER 30


Small update, Andrew Rayel did not agree to be broadcasted, but however we will air a set by him he gave us instead for that 1.5 hours...

Andrew Rayel - GrotesQue Indoor BACKUP on AH.FM 19-10-2013.mp3

Discuss the show below, all comments welcomed.
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Great music, and lots of friends... nothing is better!
See you there!
which stage will be broadcast ?
which stage will be broadcast ?

Same question here! :wink:
Btw massive line up \ o /
I think engine room will be broadcast :D
The thread title says "From Mainstage", no? That means it's the Engine Room getting broadcasted.

And I've edited the typed-up timetable that Laan put in to clear up any confusion between that and the picture of the adjusted timetable that was inserted.
such a shame i can't be there due to other activities :( have phun all tonite