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H5 - REBIRTH 101 #039 [2022-03-26]


Apr 7, 2013
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Hello there. Sorry for not posting my last to sets as I uploaded them in a later date and didn't wanted to make a spam here. That's why I waited and now I present to you episode 39 of my series, however, you will be able to find episode 38 and 37 on my hearthis.at account so still check them out. Anyway episode 39 is a little bit more interesting as I went for more tech-trance, tech-lifting and techno vibes and I had a lot of fun making this set.

Genre: Trance & Techno

Length: 62:26

Link to the set: https://hearthis.at/h5/h5-rebirth-101-039-2023-03-26/

01. Vollans - Don't Ya Hurt Me (Acid Enigma Remix)
02. Liam Wilson & Casey Rasch - Tale Gate (Original Mix)
03. Menno de Jong - Abhyasa (Alex Di Stefano Remix)
04. Stephen Kirkwood - Stroller (Original Mix)
05. Project 8 & EverLight - Boombox (Extended Mix)
06. The Technicians & Renegade System - Alchemy (Original Mix)
07. Emmy Skyer - Dementia (Extended Mix)
08. David Forbes & Paul Denton - Format (Extended Mix)
09. Mark Sherry - Take Me (Extended Mix)
10. Jordan Suckley - Hold Me (Krzysiek Teper Remix)
11. Will Atkinson - Telescope (Maddix Remix)
12. Stoneface & Terminal - Berlin 2001 (Extended Mix)