<Hard House Set> DJ maddhatta - Online Sessions 004


Jan 12, 2007
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Hey guys, i jusy finished this mix tonight, and wanted to get some feedback on it, if any of you love house give it a listen! :)


Comments: Absolutely Outstanding! The newest maddmixx includes 15 of the hottest and hardest house tunes which are rocking after hours clubs across the globe. It features hits from Peter Presta headlined by his newest track Doom which debuted at number 2 on maddhatta's topten charts. It also includes dirty electro tracks from DJ Rooster and Sammy Peralta, Peter Bailey & Richie Santana and Dave Spoon. Along with this outstanding lineup Kung Fu Pimp's Wheres the Acid adds some late 80s Acid House samples, to make this mix the best yet. If you love house music, this is must have. Enjoy!

Thanks, Enjoy!
I will give it a listen..

Edit: I dont really like this house thing. A feedback from a houselover would be nice.
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I'm not so in love with elektrohouse sound so I'm not the right person to comment your mix.. :)