Heatbeat Feat Jeza vs Rex Mundi - Light Up the Valley Of Dreams (Sandero Mashup)

was your blender all right after? :unsure:
WOW! I need to borrow this magic blender! :bravo::bravo::bravo::bravo:
for me that's a keeper ;) I just heard a microscopic clash (because of 2 basslines running in the same time with a pretty same level) but this is so short that, that I shouldn't have to noticed it.. ;)
NL ruulz!!! ;)

I’m afraid I have to check the blender:unsure:

Thanks Ben!! Think I know what you mean. I first decreased the lows on Rex M to -10 but later on to -6.:wall: I will change it back..:whistle:
Another great one! Good job! :music: