HeavensGate Aluminium Tour Live Broadcast 28-02-2014

This is a remix of Mike Koglin - The Silence

Edit: It's 2nd Phase Remix
Andrew Rayel - Dark Warrior

I still don'tt like it

Oh wait, stream is over. Well, hope a recording of this set appears somewher

Stream on @AfterhoursFM will be cancelled now due to technical reasons! Sorry about guys
Sorry guys, we had to cut off the stream! out of our control :(

Anyway, thanks for tuning in and see you very soon! It was a great night and our Aluminium Tour is not yet over, we'll be back. Live and in full quality on Afterhours, yepp!
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whats the gif from

Drawing attention to it was uncool, but here you go anyway. She will remove those superfluous clothes later.
where is that scene in the gif from and whos the girl