HeavensGate @ Engel 07 Hannover, Germany Live Broadcast

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Jul 27, 2007
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Broadcast will start at 00:00 CET till 04:00 AM CET.

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i think cet as the party is in germany, but why the broadcast is only 4hours long and the date name of the thread is 18th september and on the flyer is 21st :)
My suspicion of that timetable falls on the start time of the broadcast itself, and what was posted as the start time of the opening set for the event itself. You'd want to start the broadcast at the same time as the first set that's being broadcasted so that makes it confusing if it's going to start by cutting into the last 30 minutes of the opening set.

The end time also is weird, because that would be cutting off the last half of M.O.R.P.H. & Woody's B2B. And there isn't really anything scheduled after 01:00 with regularly scheduled shows for this Saturday.
Good evening folks...

15 minutes to go :)
Then you better get your butt to Engel 07 ;-)
Ha I swear i would be there if I had not moved to Hamburg last year >_<
we're on now yay! Enjoy everyone!

SUN&SET are on the decks now
Woody van Eyden is rocking it now